Asha Grace

Asha Grace

About me

If you’d asked me where I’d be in 10 years, I don’t think I would have said here. Working in an illicit industry, 1000’s of miles from home, on an adventure. Still without the answers, still asking questions. Evolving, constantly and unshakeably. 

Maybe, I thought I was going to change the world. I think I thought I’d find a career where I got to boss people around, live month to month on a steady pay check, paying the mortgage and tending to my 2.5 perfect children. Maybe I thought I’d have my own Golden Retriever that I’d walk every morning at 5am before heading off to my important job that was going to save the world.

Little did I realise that life would take me down a path with much more adventure, it was inevitable really, given my curious nature. I’d never have guessed that I’d grow and continue to grow so much more as a person, working in an industry where I may not change the world, but where I can put a little tenderness and passion into it. I’d never have guessed from my stiff-upper-lip upbringing that I’d spend my best years pouring intimacy into the world and encouraging others to explore their sexuality. I learned here that knowledge isn’t all honours degrees and textbooks, but experiences, challenges and personal development.

Asha was born here, out of a need to explore and to touch, to connect and offer safe harbour to those lost in a world that has become increasingly disconnected. I am incredibly comfortable in my own skin, this temple of mine, that I cherish and offer to share with you. I feel most at home when I am naked, in company, sipping wine, laughing, touching, sharing.

Welcome to my little world. I cannot change what happens out there, but in here, it’s safe, warm, passionate, and so very addictive.

As someone with the utmost respect for her clients and an unsurpassed love of men, I ask only that you approach me with the same level of respect. I ask all clients to send me a concise text message to enquire, using manners and offering a brief introduction. Rapport begins from the first contact, and is important for the best mutually pleasurable experience. Please allow reasonable notice. 

Age: 29
Height: 5'11/181cm
Dress size: 10-12
Boobs: Yes, small handful 
Eyes: Blue, working.
Nationality: UK/NZ/AU
Hair: Naturally thick and long, brunette. 
Education: Erratic but eventually got a degree. Useless arty type thing. 

Due to the weird and wonderful laws of Queensland, I am unable to advertise the intimate, physical details of what is on offer. However upon polite enquiry, I can forward you those details. Unprotected sex is NOT on offer, do not offend me by asking. 

I offer incalls to my lovely, private oasis in Teneriffe (basement parking available), or by advanced notice outcalls to central hotels. 

I happily cater to gentlemen with disabilities however my incall location is not wheelchair accessible. I am happy to meet disabled gentlemen in their own homes with appropriate identification.

Erotic Relaxation...
45mins - $180
60mins - $220
90mins - $300

Girlfriend Rendezvous ...
30mins - $300 
1 Hour - $400
90mins - $550
3 hours (my favourite) - $900
Additional Girlfriend Hours - $300 

Luxury Girlfriend Upgrade ...
Upgrade to my Luxury GF service - additional $100.
Please ask for details.

Meet me at yours...
No extra charge (minimum 90min booking, 4-5 star hotels only) 

Dinner/Lunch Date + Dessert Package... 

Overnight (12 hours - repeat clients only)... 

Please view my website for my active blog, more photo galleries and more x

Special Offers


  • : Ocean Blue
  • : 10-12
  • : 181 cm/ 5'11
  • : 29
  • : Long, Brown
  • : Yes
  • : Yes


  • : $300
  • : $400
  • : $700
  • : $900
  • : $900
  • : $2000


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