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Marcella Romaine

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You are searching for something aren't you, lover? 

Is it a breathless blur of joyous X-rated oblivion or an extended evening of tenderness with a beautiful and engaging companion? 


Whatever your desires, you have found me.

I can give you something rare, extraordinary. 

I am NOT the girl next door. 


Everyone should have the opportunity to pursue the desires of their bodies and hearts. 

I can help. In fact, it would be my privilege and my joy.


You can see what I look like from my pictures:

A woman at the dawn of her prime. Somewhere between ingenue and mistress.

A classic beauty with contemporary style. 

A former athlete and 4 time Australian Penthouse Pet cover-centrefold. 

A golden-skinned sweetheart with freckles and an easy smile.

An astonishing hourglass body built for private pornography and the stamina to match. 

Almond eyes, a colour described as hailcloud, marbles or the barrier reef.


....Yet beauty alone does little to satiate sexual hunger, isn't that true?

What you cannot know before us meeting is the euphoria we can create. 

Seduction is something that flows through my veins. I have always been this way. It is my nature and my art.

I want to sculpt your longing into something real and exhilarating. 

I want to share my gift with you. 


As described by my lovers; 


“Nothing will convey what it actually feels like to be spirited away by Marci.”



“She posses a sensual intelligence that is truly magnetic.”



“I was completely captivated from the moment she walked through the door”



“I sank into her kisses with a depth I had not felt in years.”



“A seductress, half human, half goddess, that compels men to surrender their worldly possessions for sexual nirvana.”



“A dream you say? Perhaps, but never wake me up!”


Let me take you into my world, just us. Even if just for a short time, let’s allow everything else to fall away.

All you need to do is ask.














Special Offers


  • : Green
  • : 8
  • : 164cm
  • : 33
  • : Blonde
  • : Brisbane CBD
  • : Brisbane CBD


  • : $450-700
  • : $700-900
  • : $1200-1450
  • : $1800-2050
  • : $1500-3000
  • : $4500-5500


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