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A sexual alchemy - as Marcel Proust said, it is our imagination that is responsible for love, not the other person ...

It's true to say that I am not a full time paramour but that's not to say that I am not committed to the pursuit of pleasure with men. A wise Oxford Master once said (whilst naked in my bed) that "You should enjoy your sexuality, it's a gift" and I could not agree more. When not leading men astray with debauched bedroom antics, you can find me sitting at my computer on a never ending quest of applying for PhDs. I already hold a Masters Degree in photography - first class, a B.Sc. in biological sciences and a diploma in criminology . I am an avid traveller, lover of jumping on a plane, moving countries and just taking off; I adore unscripted travel and unscripted fucking. I am photography aficionado, a collector of found photographs and vintage cameras. I am a visual activist and photographic theory researcher. I adore matching photographs to words, to visually tell a story and entice you into my bed. I am a connoisseur of the French well, mostly French men and the occasional French 75s.

I adore exploring intimacy with married or not so married men, having a co-conspirator on a sexual adventure. I am the type of woman a man seeks out who wants a grown up affair, but without the complications, and the melodrama. I offer more of an authentic married man's mistress experience rather than the girlfriend or porn star experience. A skilled lover, mutual satisfaction without the complications.

Discretion is paramount for me, as much as it is for you. This is not a volume game to me; it's about sharing a quality and authentically intimate experience with men on a sexual adventure of sorts. I like to keep things as real and as genuine as possible, to be that girl next door you want to have an affair with, to fuck, a regular lover you can take to bed or dinner; to have a laugh and a lay in with. I want to keep the experience real and not mechanical or rehearsed, unscripted and authentic. I sell sexual intimacy with wit, grace, humour and the occasional tale of comedic hilarity that comes with taking two strangers out of context and plonking them naked together for an hour or two.

I love and adore what I do – this may be a little confronting to hear from someone within this professional sex industry, but it's true. I adore giving pleasure to married men and the not so married too. This means the service I provide to you is genuine, honest, real and above all passionate.

Raised in the Australian countryside, I have pale skin with plenty of freckles. I am very tall (5”10), a curvy Rubenesque size 12 with a 36DD bust, a magnificent movie star smile. I have pouty lips with a lush natural cupid's bow. I have long sun-kissed golden brown curly hair, it has been described as romantically messy bed hair, high cheekbones. I have a sharp mind and a shaper sense of humour. I have been described as a pre-rapahelite beauty with an acerbic wit. I adore respectful men, I have no time for those who are not.

Through travel and education, I have created a life for myself that is a unique balance of creativity and bohemia. I am self-deprecating, honest, compelling, authentic and passionate. Claire Keeler maybe a pseudonym but I am truly myself in all my bookings, the sarcasm and wit on this profile page is testament to that.

Will be returning to London in the new year. 

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