Stella Siren

Stella Siren

About me

I am Stella: Passionate, Vivacious, Sensual, Erotic and utterly Insatiable! Truly a sex kitten!

You will immediately feel at ease in my presence:.. 
I am warm, vibrant and friendly.
I am petite in stature, with long soft honey coloured hair, dazzling green eyes and full luscious lips.
have lovely clear skin, unblemished, and silky smooth.
I am golden tanned all over, slim and toned, ye
t still curvy in all the right places.
My breasts are
large and firm, yet soft to the touch of your hand or face... I am often told that my best feature is my firm, tight butt, but that's for you to decide!

My toned physique is maintained with light gym, pilates and deep sand jogging on the beach. I am a non smoker.

The photos you view on this site are ge
nuine, recent and not digitally altered (airbrushed), with the exception to face blurring for privacy purposes.

I am the ideal choice for discerning businessmen, tradesmen, retirees, those who work away, anyone craving the real touch of a woman.
I am especially
suited to nervous first timers, as although self assured and confident, I am a gentle soul and utterly feminine and graceful.

You may be seeking a 'girlfriend experience', and this I provide with real affection, intimacy and passionate kissing. But I doubt you will find a girlfriend like me, who after mind blowing sex will massage your feet, neck, shoulders, back and head (cranium) before once again focusing on my task at hand... mouth.. need I go on!

I should also mention that I am an exhibitionist by nature and love role plays and dressups. So those seeking a more adventurous 'porn star' like experience also have it made with me.. when aroused I am very expressive... Please refer to the "services" section on my website for a comprehensive list of options.

Thank you for entering my site, and reading my profile. I look forward to fun and sexy times ahead!

Seductively Yours,

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