Noura Kaidu

Noura Kaidu

About me

“…If  she wields any lovely power upon the minds of men, it is only because the human imagination is a secret place of primitive memories and unconfessed desires. “ – Anne Rice

I am elegance personified. Graceful and dignified with discriminating tastes, my complex blend of warm, erotic energy and cool, objective thinking, fascinates men. I draw them in with my composed demeanor and heightened femininity, but the real magic happens once they come near. That’s when I disarm with wit and charm.

A brilliant conversationalist; I am naturally curious and knowledgeable about sundry topics, I possess the intuition and charm it takes to engage people and establish instant rapport. Along with my easy manner; I can be both smart and witty. My scintillating personality and effortless chic distinguish me from other women.

My sultry, serene presences mesmerizes, enthralling my admirers. My extreme emotional equanimity and calm presence makes me appear above the quotidian and banal. Appearing other-worldly –like a mythic goddess come to life. 

In reality, I am one of the rare women with a deeply internal focus. A natural introvert, I appreciate solitude and activities that allow me to go inward, like meditation, yoga, and creative projects. I enjoy attention, which I attract with my striking appearance, and sensuality, but there is a distinct mysterious and alluring aspect to my personality.

Men are attracted to my sensual and soulful nature. It is as if there is a  hearth, a warm fire, blazing within me.  Just as people are drawn to a fire’s warmth,  men find my calm, serene presence and grounded energy comforting. My distance is equally enchanting. I am like a star, sparkling from light years away. Few can get close enough yet all seek to.

I appeal to a man’s instinct to dream. My majestic poise and serenity, paired with my calm demeanor make me a blank canvas on which my admirers may project their fantasies. The combination of warm siren energy, and cool mystic energy creates an emotional vacuum that consumes people, making them want more of me.

My outstanding, long-running reputation and fame as "The Ultimate Fantasy Girl" is praised internationally and I invite you to take a look for yourself as what others have said.
Discover, research, fantasize, crave and when you are ready to make it all a reality, get in touch with me...

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